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March 31, 2006

What a month, revisited.

March has been wild. I started out the month working in Lansing, an hour away. Sick of all the driving, I put out a few feelers for jobs in the Grand Rapids area.

March 3: phone interview for Job A and Job B.
March 5: birthday
March 7: notification that I've been hired for Job A. Job B disappeared.
March 9: interview for Job C.
March 16: began Job A.
March 20: losing my mind, I order parts for a new computer.
March 24: build new computer
March 30: second interview for Job C, and it looks promising.


So I'm currently working Job A, doing Perl at a local HMO. I've actually been trying to get hired here since last July but haven't been successful. At the end of February I received an email from a contracting house offering to submit my resume at the HMO, so I went ahead and a week later I was offered the job. It's a good place to work, the pay is 20% higher than the last one (and 50% higher than 6 months ago) but the contract is only scheduled to last 6 weeks and there are no benefits. Although there has been some mention of extending the contract, there are no guarantees and still no benefits.

That's where Job C comes in, a Solaris administrator job at a local office of a nationwide trucking company. It's still a contract, but it's a one-year contract-to-hire job WITH benefits. The commute would be 12 minutes instead of 7, but I could live with that. The second interview (meeting with members of the team) went well and I hope to hear some good news in the next week or so. If Job A were to offer to hire me full-time I'd stay, but I don't see it happening.

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