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March 31, 2006

New computer!

Since the motherboard on my 2002-vintage Athlon 800 system was on its way to computer heaven, and since Windows 98 was steadily becoming less and less stable, and since I got a job with much higher pay and almost zero commute, I decided to put together a new system.

The old computer had some salvageable parts--DVD writer, 120 GB hard drives--so all I really needed was a new case (with bigger power supply), motherboard and CPU, RAM and video card. I shopped Newegg this time and would definitely buy from them again. I got the parts last Friday and had the system together in an hour or so, but Windows XP took another 2 to install. Overall it's a great system:

Athlon Sempron 64 3100+
Biostar TForce6100 motherboard
ATI Radeon X1300Pro 256 MB video card

On Saturday morning I went to Meijer's and got Oblivion and am very pleased with its performance on the new system.

I'm also very pleased to be able to run Linux on the system without having to dual-boot, thanks to Qemu. Now I can run Slackware in a separate window on Windows XP, and it's even pretty snappy. What a crazy world.

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