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July 24, 2005


Since most of the traffic to this page comes from Google searches for "Lispworks crack", let me point out that you're not going to find any "Lispworks crack" here. The only "Lispworks crack" you'll find is the phrase "Lispworks crack". If you're looking for a Lispworks crack, try this: crack open your own wallet and pay for Lispworks yourself, thieving slime.

While we're at it, let's give the same message to those looking for an "Allegro Common Lisp crack" or a "Corman Lisp crack". These Lisp environments have free trials available. Here's an idea: use the trial to invent some really cool must-have software, pay for the Lisp environment and then sell your software to recoup your costs. Spend your time learning the language instead of spending your time trying to steal it. Professional quality Lisp environments are not cheap or easy to make, so support those who develop them.

I know, the thieves have already moved on.

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