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January 08, 2006

Progress check

Well, 8 days into the new year. I've reviewed the first 280 or so kanji from Heisig book 1; without touching the cards for 6 or 7 weeks I still had about an 85% retention rate, and most of the others were problems with element placement. Not bad, I think.

I'm about ready to wrap up "Japanese for Everyone" lesson 6. I've spent longer on it than I'd planned, but have been taking extra time to be sure I've mastered the vocabulary and grammar. My vocabulary method has been to write new words on an index card first thing in the morning and review the rest of the day while walking places at work. I've also been listening to the audio portion of the lesson 3 or 4 times a day, and that helps things stick too.

I don't remember where I am in Pimsleur, but it's somewhere in the mid-20s of level 1. It's interesting to see what I've forgotten and what I never really learned at all--for example, all of the -sugimasu section was a loss. It's nice to review and get that again.

This week I'll be starting lesson 7 of "Japanese for Everyone", completely new territory. I know that some of it was covered at the end of Pimsleur level 3, but it's nice to be hitting new material.

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