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June 15, 2005

Fun statistics

It's interesting to look at the referrer stats for the main page. I get a little traffic from the forums where I post, presumably other forum members trying to find out who in the heck that wacko named "Qbe" is.

Some of them are a little more questionable, like the guy who keeps visiting from the Google search for "crack Lispworks". Well, guess what? My site doesn't have a Lispworks crack, nor does it have an Allegro Common Lisp crack or a Corman Lisp crack. Hey bozo, if you want to use Lispworks, go buy it.

And then there are the inexplicable, like the visitor who arrived from a web search for "Arnold Murray". Yikes, that's an old one. Unfortunately his search page didn't give him the exact page he was trying to find.

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