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December 29, 2006

New Year 2007 Resolutions for Learning Japanese

I accomplished none of my resolutions for 2006, but made some progress. I'm setting some higher goals for 2007 and think that they'll be attainable.

1. Complete the textbook "Japanese for Everyone". If I'm able to continue attending weekly Japanese class, we will finish the book by the end of 2007. However, I'd like to pick up the pace and finish it more quickly if I can't attend the class.

2. 2007 is the year I'll finish "Remembering the Kanji" vol 1. I'm not sure whether I'll use volume 2 for the readings or just start reading. My goal is to start reading real stuff next year.

3. Write a mixi diary entry every 1-2 weeks.

4. Improve listening and conversation. For the last 2-3 months I've been doing 1-2 hours of conversation practice every week, and plan to continue and maybe add an hour. Consistent practice with native speakers really works wonders.

5. Start considering a job where I can use the language. I started learning Japanese on a whim, just for the challenge. But it would be fun to use it in real life, I think.

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December 07, 2006

I'm a Locksmith, and I'm a Locksmith.

How did I miss this? Last night I was in Sam's Club, of all places, when I spotted a DVD I never thought I'd see: Police Squad! The Complete Series.. After years of whining and begging, Police Squad! fans finally get their wish. I'll be picking up one a Best Buy tonight, since I don't actually have a membership at Sam's Club. Now I can finally retire my 20-year old VHS copy.

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