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June 13, 2006

This Year: JLPT

This afternoon I received my Japanese Language Proficiency Test book from thejapanshop.com, containing the complete 2005 tests for levels 4 and 3 (with the listening comprehension portions on CD). This year's test is December 3, and I'm planning to take it in Chicago. Based on the information at jlptstudy.com I already know quite a bit of the level 4 material, so I think I'll plan on level 3: I was going to take level 4 last year, but thanks to the crazy load of homework I didn't have time to prepare and thanks to BT's stupidity I was laid off by December anyway.

Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to cover everything by December. There's plenty of time right now, but the months go by way too quickly.

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June 06, 2006

Heisig count: 900

Today I hit the 900 mark (out of 2042) in volume 1. I've been reviewing the past 250 kanji and have managed about 80-85% recall. That's not bad. However, I also haven't had time to review the first 650, and some of those might be slipping: I'm starting to see kanji and think that I should know them, although usually they're kanji which haven't been covered (yet). It's about time to mix all the cards together and try another Kanji Armageddon; I think I'll do that after I complete Lesson 26 at the 950 mark.

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